iPhone 6 Review

I’m not a guy who is huge into reviews. I’m pretty simple actually. I run my own business that rents photo booths in the Greensboro area. Not a huge money maker but I make a pretty good living at it. You can check out my site at http://www.greensborophotoboothrental.com. I figure if you like what I’ve written here, you can mosey on over to my business and see if we have anything there that might just grab ya. I’d be totally ok it you wanted to rent a booth from me. In fact, that would make me quite happy.

I’m not even sure what to say about the iPhone 6 in terms of reviews. Everyone is writing them so I figure that I should to. I like my phone, I like it a lot. But I haven’t used most of the apps in the phone. I really don’t feel like just telling you a bunch of crap that I read on other people’s sites about how great the phone is. Listen, some people are really going to like the phone and others aren’t. I think more people will like certain features and just use those. That’s me.

I like the camera. For sure. If you read my last post, you will know that I’m not a photographer and into all the fancy little details that I can do with a professional photo app. But I do like playing with my pictures and adding effects and a little text now and then. I gave my opinion on the photo editor app that I’m thinking of getting. It’s got a free version and a paid upgrade. I might be just fine with the free version and may not even want to pay for the upgrade.

The Best iPhone 6 Editor Apps

One of the coolest things about smartphones is that you don’t need a camera anymore. I used to drag around my phone and my camera, then wait until I got home and then dump all the photos into my computer and then work on some editing. I’m not huge into editing photos but I watch my daughter do it all the time before she posts anything to Instagram.

I’m now looking to get into some of these editor apps so that I don’t have to wait until I get home. Although sitting at the computer with a beer and playing around with edits is pretty awesome. I can go at my own pace. My daughter wants me to try an iPhone app to edit my pictures on the fly. I don’t know where I’m flying to that I’ve got to get my pictures online right away but she sometimes has some great ideas that actually work.

I want to say that I have not tried out any of these apps. I am just looking through them to see which ones I like the best and might consider buying or downloading. I’m more leaning toward the free apps just in case I don’t like them. Then I won’t feel bad that I spent money and ended up uninstalling the thing anyway.

These reviews are from various websites on the net. So if you don’t agree, don’t blame me.

Top iPhone 6 Cases

I remember when I got my first cell phone way back in 1996. I remember the year well cause my daughter had just turned 1. My wife wanted to be able to reach me anytime she needed me so I bought a StarTac phone. I remember thinking how cool it was being so small. It barely fit in my hand. It was a bitch to punch the numbers cause my fingers were too big but I loved that phone. It was such a leap forward from the huge cell phones people had been walking around with for the past few years.

I also felt like I was part of an elite group. Cell phones weren’t as popular as they are now and you had a lot of problems with dropped calls and lack of service. My daughter just turned 21 and she has no idea what life is like without a cell phone and comparatively great service. Back in 1996, things were so primitive compared to today.

Top iPhone Apps

Hey everyone. My name is Joe and I’m going to write about all things iPhone 6. I am going to look at iPhone 6 cases, apps, editor apps and just an overall review of this magnificent piece of technology called the iPhone. I’m not being paid by anyone to do this. I’m just so loving this phone since I got it a few months ago. I’m not someone who runs out and buys the latest and greatest thing. I’m about a year and a bit behind this technology. There is now an iPhone 7 going to be released in the fall of 2016. I don’t really care. I love my iPhone 6 which is why I am taking time out from my day to write about it.

I got my iPhone 6 because my friend didn’t like it. Pretty simple, huh? He was used to Android phones and his teenage daughter convinced him to buy the iPhone 6. He listened to her. He didn’t like it right from the start. He said that he found it hard to find things and that there were too many apps and he wanted something more simple like the Android phone he had before. I have no idea what phone he had before I’m guessing it was an older phone that was Android. I don’t think it was really the whole Apple vs Android deal. I think he wanted more of an old school simple smart phone that had hundreds of apps for it rather than thousands. I really think simple is his game. So he sold it to me for cheap. And I won’t tell you how cheap cause then you might be jealous and not read anymore about what I have to say and that wouldn’t be very nice.