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Hey everyone. My name is Joe and I’m going to write about all things iPhone 6. I am going to look at iPhone 6 cases, apps, editor apps and just an overall review of this magnificent piece of technology called the iPhone. I’m not being paid by anyone to do this. I’m just so loving this phone since I got it a few months ago. I’m not someone who runs out and buys the latest and greatest thing. I’m about a year and a bit behind this technology. There is now an iPhone 7 going to be released in the fall of 2016. I don’t really care. I love my iPhone 6 which is why I am taking time out from my day to write about it.

I got my iPhone 6 because my friend didn’t like it. Pretty simple, huh? He was used to Android phones and his teenage daughter convinced him to buy the iPhone 6. He listened to her. He didn’t like it right from the start. He said that he found it hard to find things and that there were too many apps and he wanted something more simple like the Android phone he had before. I have no idea what phone he had before I’m guessing it was an older phone that was Android. I don’t think it was really the whole Apple vs Android deal. I think he wanted more of an old school simple smart phone that had hundreds of apps for it rather than thousands. I really think simple is his game. So he sold it to me for cheap. And I won’t tell you how cheap cause then you might be jealous and not read anymore about what I have to say and that wouldn’t be very nice.

I’m going to talk about a couple of my favorite apps for my iPhone 6.

The Food Assembly.
This app is awesome and is all about locally grown food. My wife recently became hooked on buying everything local. It was a pain in the butt. She would spend so much time at Farmer’s Markets and all these little shops trying to source our everything in our pantry so that it could be locally grown. She has a big heart and wants to help our local farmers by spending her money close to home. She’s also convinced that locally grown food is better for you because it is picked a day or so before it comes to market rather than being shipped halfway across the continent when it is barely ripe.

Someone told her about Food Assembly and she (we) love it. I wasn’t so big on the whole local food thing until she told me that I can use the app to find locally made beer. Now I’m hooked too. I can look through all sorts of things from jam to beer to bread to meat. I get mostly my beer and meat off here. My wife tends to get everything else we need. Then you place an order through Food Assembly and pick up when your order is ready. I can plan what I want to eat on the weekend and it is ready to be picked up. This is really great in the summer when your having a party.

FIFA Weekly

You might think that it would just be easier to read the sports section online from some big newspaper but let me tell you as a soccer fan who live in North America, it isn’t so easy to find all the info you want. I found this app by accident as I was searching for something else. I can’t even remember what the other app was cause I was so excited by this I abandoned my search and hopped right on board.

This app is great cause it gives you weekly updates from FIFA. I don’t’ have to be looking in all different places to find out what team is playing, where and what the final score was. This app has all of that! It gives me the game scores and lots of articles to read about my fav players and anything else going on in the world of FIFA. They release the info around noon each Friday so I can plan which games I want to watch and which games I am going to bet on. It’s fantastic! And the closer to the World Cup, the more info is sent through this app. All sorts of interviews. You can pretty much find an interview with almost any player in the world.

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