Top iPhone 6 Cases

I remember when I got my first cell phone way back in 1996. I remember the year well cause my daughter had just turned 1. My wife wanted to be able to reach me anytime she needed me so I bought a StarTac phone. I remember thinking how cool it was being so small. It barely fit in my hand. It was a bitch to punch the numbers cause my fingers were too big but I loved that phone. It was such a leap forward from the huge cell phones people had been walking around with for the past few years.

I also felt like I was part of an elite group. Cell phones weren’t as popular as they are now and you had a lot of problems with dropped calls and lack of service. My daughter just turned 21 and she has no idea what life is like without a cell phone and comparatively great service. Back in 1996, things were so primitive compared to today.

One of the most notable differences besides size and a lack of a screen (they were all dumb phones back then. Smart phones hadn’t been invented yet) was that we didn’t have cases for them. You would just whip out your phone to make a phone call or to answer one. I think you could text on it but I didn’t use my phone for that. You tended not to have to worry about dropping it because you weren’t using it all the time like you do for a smart phone. Now that I think about it, I don’t even know how you could have a case on that kind of dumb phone.

I was looking at cases the other day with my daughter because I don’t want to have to replace a broken screen in case I drop my iPhone. And I will say now that replacing the screen would cost more than it cost for me to buy the phone. That should give you a good idea about how much money I paid for the phone. So we went to Best Buy and had a look around. The thing about iPhone cases is that THERE ARE SO MANY!

I was overwhelmed. My daughter had a field day. She went through all these cases like she was a fish swimming in water—right through. I swear I didn’t even see her hands move. They were a blur. I finally picked up a case that has a hard shell. I don’t want to pay a lot of money and frankly some of these were really expensive. Here’s a quick rundown of some styles and brand name iPhone 6 cases and folios.

Kate Spade

I had no idea who Kate Spade was. Apparently my daughter knew that she was a famous clothing designer. Looks to me like she got wise and threw her name on some cheap case and charged a bundle for it. Ready for this? Nearly $70 for a hard case that has her name on the bottom and the words New York underneath. Really? I can’t believe that it would work any more effectively than my cheapie case. Is Kate Spade going to jump out of the case and stop my phone from smashing onto the pavement? Is that what the price gets me? And there were 15 different Kate Spade cases you could choose from. I’m still in shock. Obviously it works to have your name on a cell phone case if you can hawk 15 of them at that price. Maybe I need a new job as a fashion and cell phone case designer.

Folio Cases

I like the look of folio cases. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, there the ones that look like a wallet where you can put your ID or credit cards and they fold over the front of your iPhone. I think the whole idea is to replace your wallet or purse. I’ve never seen a folio large enough to hold the content of a woman’s purse. I’m just saying that I think that these are more for guys than women. There in darker styles and are more plain than, I don’t know, Kate Spade cases? These are great. They protect the screen really well from being cracked if you drop your phone onto something. I watched someone while we were hiking drop their phone and it landed on a rock and smashed the screen. Serves them right for texting while hiking. They’re lucky they didn’t fall into a hole.

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