iPhone 6 Review

I’m not a guy who is huge into reviews. I’m pretty simple actually. I run my own business that rents photo booths in the Greensboro area. Not a huge money maker but I make a pretty good living at it. You can check out my site at http://www.greensborophotoboothrental.com. I figure if you like what I’ve written here, you can mosey on over to my business and see if we have anything there that might just grab ya. I’d be totally ok it you wanted to rent a booth from me. In fact, that would make me quite happy.

I’m not even sure what to say about the iPhone 6 in terms of reviews. Everyone is writing them so I figure that I should to. I like my phone, I like it a lot. But I haven’t used most of the apps in the phone. I really don’t feel like just telling you a bunch of crap that I read on other people’s sites about how great the phone is. Listen, some people are really going to like the phone and others aren’t. I think more people will like certain features and just use those. That’s me.

I like the camera. For sure. If you read my last post, you will know that I’m not a photographer and into all the fancy little details that I can do with a professional photo app. But I do like playing with my pictures and adding effects and a little text now and then. I gave my opinion on the photo editor app that I’m thinking of getting. It’s got a free version and a paid upgrade. I might be just fine with the free version and may not even want to pay for the upgrade.

So rather than telling you some bull about reviews about the iPhone 6 from some old dude who just really uses the thing for a few apps, camera, video, texting and calls, I’m going to tell you a story instead. I figure this is my blog and if I feel like venturing off the path, then I figure it’s my prerogative to do.

Since I shared about Jeff in my last post and his crazy Lady Gaga impression, I figure it’s time to ramp up that old embarrassment factor and tell you about that time. Since I didn’t have my iPhone yet to video the whole scenario to actually show on this blog, I figure some good old storytelling will just have to do.

To Jeff!

We were camping for the Memorial day weekend. It was Jeff, Todd, Jerry and me. We arrived at the camp site and set up our tent. Beer was cracked the moment we arrived at the site. We pitched the tent, set everything up and started a fire. We had gotten there in the late afternoon because Jerry had some family emergency to deal with and we couldn’t get there any faster. We weren’t going to leave him behind because all our gear was loaded in his van. Besides, Jerry’s solid so we weren’t ditching him while he had family stuff to deal with.

We had eaten at some diner on the way so food wasn’t a concern. It was about bro time. We settled into our chairs and did the usual bull that guys do. Sometime a few hours and a case and a half later, Jeff was on about some Lady Gaga bit and these crazy weird shoes she wears. He was trying to show us how she walks on her toes in them while dancing. Picture some fat (gonna call him fat, cause that belly ain’t from being pregnant), bald guy with a Budweiser can in one hand and his other hand in the air like he’s the queen. He’s wearing some dingy grey tshirt and some shorts. He starts prancing around on his tiptoes like a ballerina and trying to sing in some woman’s voice. He ends up tripping over his own feet and does this amazingly funny trip as he tries to catch himself before he lands face first I in the fire. Beer goes flying out of his hand and just misses Jerry’s head. Jeff comes up off the ground covered in dirt with some in his mouth. Priceless!

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