The Best iPhone 6 Editor Apps

One of the coolest things about smartphones is that you don’t need a camera anymore. I used to drag around my phone and my camera, then wait until I got home and then dump all the photos into my computer and then work on some editing. I’m not huge into editing photos but I watch my daughter do it all the time before she posts anything to Instagram.

I’m now looking to get into some of these editor apps so that I don’t have to wait until I get home. Although sitting at the computer with a beer and playing around with edits is pretty awesome. I can go at my own pace. My daughter wants me to try an iPhone app to edit my pictures on the fly. I don’t know where I’m flying to that I’ve got to get my pictures online right away but she sometimes has some great ideas that actually work.

I want to say that I have not tried out any of these apps. I am just looking through them to see which ones I like the best and might consider buying or downloading. I’m more leaning toward the free apps just in case I don’t like them. Then I won’t feel bad that I spent money and ended up uninstalling the thing anyway.

These reviews are from various websites on the net. So if you don’t agree, don’t blame me.


This one only costs $4.99. It supposed to be a full replacement for your camera and also allows for easy editing. I looked through some of the features like the histogram (grade 3 math anyone?) to help the user decide whether they want to change the color balance and other photography related dodads. This is way beyond what I would use the app for. I usually like to get rid of any red eye and sometimes will throw words on the picture to help remind me what the picture is or where I took it.

Looks to me that if you want to do some serious editing, that this is the app you want. For sure the price is right. $4.99 is pretty good. But really, this app has way too many features for the average user. I’m gonna pass on it but if you’re into photography, you might just want to check this puppy out.


From what I’ve read, this is the app to get if you are looking to create awesome pictures with great filters. This is more my style than the ProCamera which is a little too complex for me. VSCO  (what’s with the name?) has free presets which are pretty good for someone like me who doesn’t want anything too fancy. From what I read, the paid presents are where it’s at. Looks like it will cost $5.99 to unlock all the really good presets. I’m thinking this is the app for me and what little editing I do to my pictures. Because it’s got a free version, I want to try it out. I’m totally good with trying something for free and then upgrading to the paid version if I like it. I don’t like having to pay money out first and then finding out that I don’t like the product. I think this will be my first editor app that I’m going to try. Worst thing is if I don’t like it, I just uninstall it. Simple.


I do like recording what’s going on sometimes. I’m not a huge user of the video function on my phone but sometimes something is happening that is too good to pass up. Like my buddy Jeff. We were camping last spring and he got so hammered that he nearly fell into the fire after trying to sing some Lady Gaga song complete with some funky dance moves. I wish I had my phone then to be able to record that piece of blackmail gold. I do have my iPhone 6 now and next spring, Jeff better be watching over his shoulder cause I’m gonna whip that phone out faster than ….I better not finish that thought in case some youngsters are ready this blog. Back to MoviePro, looks fairly simple to use. It adjusts all sorts of things so that you can get the best videos going without having to really know what you’re doing. It’s got a price of $4.99 which isn’t too bad. If I’m hammered with Jeff, it might be worth getting a $4.99 app so I can make sure the video is at least somewhat decent. No sense in taking a blackmail worthy video and not being able to actually use it to its intended purpose. Watch out Jeff! MoviePro is gonna get ya.

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